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I get asked all of the time – what makes Deep South Charters different? What sets you apart from other companies? Well, good question! What does make Deep South Charters different than all of the other great offshore captains fishing in Venice Louisiana? I know most of the captains in Venice and let me tell you, they are darn good at what they do! I had to sit down and think a little. Are we different? Are we just another name on the list?

This is what I came up with –

When you get on our boat to fish – it’s your boat! We will recommend what we think is your best shot for fish that time of year and we will be geared up to catch them but if you have something else in mind – that is fine too! You are paying so YOU ARE THE BOSS! If you want to ride around all day and catch bait fish then we will do our best to put you on the finest bait fish that you have ever seen! I am only making a point that we want to do what you want to do!

Capt. Gray and I fish hard, I mean real hard! We leave the dock every day with one thing on our minds – FISH!!  We do not worry about what is the norm, what can we do to get by and get back to the dock early! Let me be the first to say – I love to get back to the dock early but that will only happen when we cannot stuff one more fish into the fish box! Other captains will joke with us about how late we get back to the dock some days but you know what, I am proud to say that we give it our all everyday on the water! 

Does this mean that we catch more fish than every other boat every day? Heck No!!  I wish that was how it worked but in offshore fishing, you can never be sure how a day will go!

We have had days when nothing could go wrong – I have seen the days that Capt Gray and I hit the dock and our boats have twice the fish of any other boat that fished that day – and then on
Deep South Charters Fishing
the other hand – we also fish those days where nothing seems to go right and no matter what we do, what bait we use, where we fish – nothing works! Those are the tough days!  There is nothing I hate more than to pull back into that marina with a lite load of fish and watch the customer count out that money!  Even though at the end of the day, I know that we have done everything that we can do to find fish, some days it just doesn’t happen and I know that the customer is paying me with his hard earned money!  Those days are hard for me! 

Back to what makes us different – On those hard days, I want  to hear the customer say – It may have been a tough day on the water but we sure had one hell of a good time!  That’s what it's about for me!  I want you to have fun!!  Sure – I want you to catch fish, plenty of fish but I want you to have fun!  Most days we are on the water anywhere from 12-16 hours and that is a long time to be on a boat not having fun! Music always helps turn a trip into a party so our boats have a rocking stereo system! We have Satellite radio on all boats and we know how to use them!!

Deep South Charters Fishing Offshore fishing in Venice Louisiana
Fishing Venice is a treat in itself! Customers tell me all of the time – you guys don’t know how lucky you are to fish out of Venice – They are right! We are lucky to be able to fish in an area that has some of the best offshore coastal fishing in the world! Most people that live right here in Louisiana have no clue what is in their backyard! Tuna, marlin, amberjack, dolphin, swordfish, jacks, grouper, wahoo, snapper, cobia, redfish, tarpon, trout – You name it – We have it!

Not only are these fish in Venice Louisiana, but they are plentiful and most important – THEY ARE BIG!! God has blessed Venice with awesome coastal fishing and we want to share it with you!
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